Guam Medical Board

Guam Medical Board main mission is to protect and enhance the public’s health, safety and welfare by establishing and maintaining standards of excellence used in regulating the practice of medicine and ensuring quality health care for the citizens of Guam through licensure, discipline and education.

Guam Medical Board is located at Health Professional Licensing Office, 123 Chalan Kareta South Route 10, Mangilao, Guam 96913-6304. Guam Medical Board phone number where you can talk to a real person at GU BOM is (671) 735-7405.

Guam Medical Board Phone Number

What is Guam Medical Board phone number?

Guam Medical Board main phone number to speak to a real person at GU BOM is (671) 735-7405.

Guam Medical Board Fax Number

What is Guam Medical Board fax number?

Guam Medical Board fax can be used for various purposes related to medical licensing, regulation, and disciplinary actions. Some of the common types of documents that can be submitted through the Guam Medical Board fax include license applications and renewals, verification requests, complaints and disciplinary actions, correspondence, and inquiries.

Guam Medical Board where you can send fax messages to GU BOM regarding state medical matters is (671) 735-7413

Guam Medical Board Website

What is Guam Medical Board website address?

Guam Medical Board Address

What is Guam Medical Board address?

Guam Medical Board official address where you can send documents, application forms, and complaints is:

Guam Board of Medical Examiners (GU BOM)
Health Professional Licensing Office, 123 Chalan Kareta South Route 10
Guam 96913-6304

Guam Medical Board Email Address

What is Guam Medical Board email address?

Guam Medical Board email address where you can send electronic messages, documents and forms to GU BOM is [email protected].

Guam Medical Board License Lookup

How to make a Guam Medical Board License Lookup?

To make an Guam Medical Board License Lookup please fill out the fields in the form and hit the search button:

Guam Medical Board License Lookup is a tool that allows individuals to verify the licensure and credentialing of medical professionals. The purpose of the Guam medical professional license lookup is to provide the public with a reliable and up-to-date source of information about medical professionals in the state of Guam, including their medical professional licensing status, disciplinary actions, and other relevant information.

Guam Medical Board Services

What does Guam Medical Board do?

Guam Medical Board, a part of Guam department of health, has the following duties, responsibilities and activities:
* Producing & managing nursing license (new, renewal & transfer).
* License verification & lookup.
* Nursing legislation, regulation & enforcement.
* Regulating and approving nursing programs & creating new education program.
* Investigate nursing complaints.
* Nursing practice registration, act & information.
* Applications for nurse endorsement.
* Nursing moving from one state to another.

The Guam Board of Medical Examiners is the agency that regulates the practice of medicine within a particular state. Its primary function is to protect the public by ensuring that physicians and other medical professionals meet certain standards of education, training, and competency before they are allowed to practice medicine in the state of Guam.

Guam Medical Board is responsible for issuing licenses to physicians and other medical professionals, as well as for monitoring their ongoing education and training to ensure that they are maintaining their competence. It also investigates complaints and allegations of misconduct against medical professionals and may take disciplinary action if necessary, such as revoking a license or imposing fines.

Additionally, the board may be involved in setting standards for medical practice and enforcing regulations related to issues such as medical ethics, patient confidentiality, and the prescribing of controlled substances. is a hub providing information for Guam Medical Board and other Medical Boards. Got new information for Guam Medical Board, please help update this website by sending us the new details – we will confirm and verify the new information and publish on the website.
This, website has no affiliation with Guam Medical Board or any federal or state department, agency, office, board, bureau, or commission.

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